iMessage for PC Download Window XP/7/8/8.1/10 Mac

If you own a Mac computer you will know that you can access and use iMessage to send text messages, but it is not officially available for those using Windows computers or laptops. This does not mean you cannot have iMessage for PC on Windows 8.1 and 10; it just takes a little more time to have it.

iMessage is one of the best apps out there for communicating with ease, especially on iPhones, iPads and Mac machines. Getting and using iMessage for Windows 8.1 and 10 is very easy indeed with a few simple steps and Android emulators.

Interesting to know that at the September 2015 Apple Event Microsoft were there to help provide its expertise, which shows the feud is over. Before we get into the easy guide on how to get iMessage for PC please remember you do the following at your own risk. Hopefully now they have had a cuddle and shook hands etc surely they may consider officially releasing iMessage for Windows devices.

Main features why iMessage for PC is a good thing:

1) iMessage is totally free with no hidden charges.
2) You can send unlimited texts.
3) Sending of images / videos via Windows is easy to do.
4) Set up group of family and friends, also set up a group name and more.

Download iMessage for PC using Ipadian Emulator:

1) Download Ipadian Emulator onto your PC
2) Launch the file you just downloaded (double click).
3) Now click on the next button.
4) Tick on the agree and install, then click accept.
5) Now follow the on screen instructions.
6) Now you have Ipadian Emulator on your PC.

Now install iMessage for PC:

1) Find and launch the iPadian installed on your PC.
2) In the search field enter iMessage and then install it.
3) Downloading is now in process.
4) You now have it on your PC, happy iMessaging.

Download iMessage for PC using BlueStacks:

1) Download BlueStacks from the link.
2) Now install the app you just downloaded.
3) Click on the BlueStacks app by double tapping your shorcut icon on your desktop.
4) Now type in the search box iMessage then click the search button.
5) Now install the iMessage app.
6) Open up the BlueStacks app player.
7) Now search for the installed android apps and in that search you will be able to open iMessage on your PC.

Problems with iMessage for PC

Share issues, a fix, and ask for help with iMessage for PC below.

Vinay – Cannot deliver messages yet again, this is now day 5 and still ongoing problems. What is going on Apple?

Mark – When i send messages via my iMac to my friend he normally gets it on Apple Watch, iMac and his iPhone 6s, but that only works when on wifi. When he is out he does not receive on his watch when i send from iMac on hos watch so i have to use phone.

Dras – I have iMessage in my watch, tablet and phone and for some reason iMessage on the PC works but not on any of my other Apple products.

Craig – I try to access my iMessage through PC and it has stopped working, yet it still works on a smartphone and a tablet.

Libby – I believe by 2018 Microsoft and Apple will have released iMessage, this would certainly rival Facebook’s WhatsApp, which is open source.

Avaan – I agree, Microsoft is now helping Apple and it looks like it was a good handshake. To be fair Microsoft NEEDS Apple. So maybe they should now bang heads and release an official iMessage app for Windows PC.

Jimel – BlueStacks is much better than the spammy I want to put loads of pop-ups on your PC Ipadian.

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