Fallout Shelter for PC Free Download Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac

Gamers were a little frustrated that Fallout Shelter for PC didn’t exist, being ever so popular on both iOS and Android platforms PC gamers needed a way to play on their desktop. Playing this game on a phone is OK, tablet is much better but to have a playable version on the PC it is amazing.

Fallout Shelter for PC

When it comes to Fallout Shelter for PC download there is no direct link to allow this, but there are a few workarounds to make it onto your personal computer. Fallout Shelter can be highly playable using an Android emulator.

One option is to visit BlueStacks (Link on the right), just install this and do not forget to allow the “app store access” it is as simple as installing BlueStacks and then clicking on ‘Search’ typing in ‘Fallout Shelter’ and ‘Search Play for Fallout Shelter’ button. Then just follow the next steps and away you go.

You can also use another Android Emulator called Droid4x. This one allows you to use your phone, as a controlling joystick and this is simple to use as well. Install the Droid4X Android emulator onto your PC and then double click to launch. You will then see the App Store option and once clicked the Google Play Store will open up, then all you need to do is type in Fallout Shelter. Just follow the rest and away you go.

Problems with Fallout Shelter for PC

Share issues, a fix, and ask for help with Fallout Shelter for PC below.

Rishabh – My game is a nightmare because it does not open for me, it was ok last week. I had to uninstall as i was cleaning PC and since reinstalling again its not been the same as before.

Priyanka – I have had no issues with fallout shelter on my desktop, ok you get the off game crash but nothing too worrying. I am so happy i have put it on pc.

shivani – This game is very good indeed on the smartphone, but i seem to be having a little glitch where new rooms cannot be built.

Jackie – Been about a week now and my Fallout Shelter game has not opened. Is there any new updates coming to Android because this is crazy.

Ricky – is anyone having issues getting this game to work on the laptop right now? I have opening it up but it just keeps crashing on me.

Kate – Is there going to be a windows store version, thought it would have happened when they released windows 10.

Jane – I have this installed on my Alienware PC and love it very much, it is fun and flawless. Load it up and see what you think.

Nigel – I installed an emulator and this works fine, but the android version of Fallout Shelter on my PC is lost, i cannot find the files saved on my computer. I need to find this so i can copy my android files to it. Please help.

Lisa – So when will they be releasing Fallout Shelter for Windows 10?

Macy – Yeah, I used Droid4X to install Fallout Shelter on my Mac and it works very well indeed. Love this game and so glad i can play on my laptop. I am even using my phone and a joystick, which is cool.

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