BBM for PC Download for Window XP/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac

BlackBerry may not be releasing new products like they used too, but its BlackBerry Messenger is going from strength to strength with users still downloading on a daily basis, but what about BBM for PC? Android and iOS users are already using as so are Amazon and Windows device owners, but the official PC version is yet to release.

BBM for PC

BBM for Windows PC is not yet available, but there are turnarounds to get this working for you. After downloading a few choices such as emulators you too can start to use BBM but on your computer rather than smart device.

All you need is a good Internet connection, then you can send messages, photos, videos and so much more worldwide from your desktop or laptop.

One option is to download Blurts: BBM on your PC app, which is totally free. This will allow users to get notifications from their BlackBerry devices to your PC via Bluetooth. Other options include downloading BlueStacks, which will allow you to connect and collaborate on PC or Mac. Check out the links to the right of this article for more information and option to download.

There are obviously many other options to install BBM for PC, if you know of any please do share here on For PC.

Problems with BBM for PC

Share issues, a fix, and ask for help with BBM for PC below.

Manoj – Do you think BBM will last long, not really heard anything for BlackBerry for like ages now so its a little worrying.

Neeraj – This is becoming a nightmare lately on my android phone, might as well just delete bbm because it stinks.

Naveen – BBM is pretty much dead in the water if you ask me, i never use it on my phone anymore and even though the app is usable on the iPhone i do not use it i use whatsapp. I do use BBM on my pc though, not sure why to be honest lol.

Jerald – I am having issues with BBM, i am lucky to be honest because still wondering how it is still all live. But anyways my issue is to do with sending people messages. I cannot do so because all my contacts and chats have disappeared.

Neep – I actually prefer BBM for phones not PC, just doesn’t work for me. Guess everyone likes different things.

Are there any other BBM for PC alternatives rather than using BlueStacks?

Some people have complained that they could not download the Blurt app, but i had no problems at all. It has a few issues now and then but hey its bound to happen.

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